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What’s New In Commercial Plumbing

Have you ever heard of the term Trenchless Technology? Many are unfamiliar with this new term but in the region of commercial pipes, this new term is quickly gaining popularity!

Some other titles usually used are “trenchless pipe rehabilitation” and “trenchless pipeline replacement”. You can get the services of commercial plumbing online via


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But regardless of how they call it, it simply means dividing an old pipe when still adding a new one, all at the same time! Trenchless technology is essentially referred to as a Way of following buried pipe-work without digging channels

This is the exciting part of this new technology of industrial pipes: the trenchless system installs the pipe by pulling it through the old tube, behind a distinctive division head or cone which expands a clear course before the pipe as it goes underground.

1 little pit is all that is essential for most jobs to feed the new pipe to the ground, a strong pulling machine is situated in the destination point, often within a building, to pull the pipe in from the pit.

Sound complex? Do not you worry, really the operation within this new technology of commercial plumbing is just straightforward, requiring just a few steps? Here we’ll discuss it as detailed as you can. The 1st step is to establish where the line has to start and finish.

Once established, two small pits are produced, each approximately 24″ wide x 36″ and as heavy as required for the specific job.

1 pit that’s the entrance pit will be utilized to nourish the line, and another that is the pulling pit will include the pulling machine prepared to pull the pipe through the floor.