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What Is a Yucca Plant?

A yucca plant is strictly a member of the Genus Yucca. A few other plants, such as the red yucca, Hesperaloe parviflora belong to other taxa. They belong to the family of Asparagaceae together with asparagus and other lesser-known plants.

Yucca plants are indigenous in Central America and the Southwestern United States in the north and the regions around and encompassing the Rocky Mountains in the Dakotas and southern Canada. You can easily buy yucca trees online from many sites.

yucca tree

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They are also found in other regions of the world and can adapt to almost any place within the continent of the United States.

A typical yucca plant comprises a rosette with rigid green leaves. Both the edges and leaf points are extremely sharp and could easily cut human flesh. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself when you have to handle a yucca tree.

The leaves are around 3/4 meters long. They could have curly hairs on the edges, which gives the plant a ragged look. In many species, including Yucca elephantipes, the leaf rosette appears on the top of a high trunk-like structure, from where the leaves of the past have fallen.

The entire plant could be as tall as 8 meters high. These taller yuccas have been called "Joshua trees". Every season the mature yucca plant will grow into the appearance of a flower spike tall with numerous white flowers.

The flowers release a soapy scent that gives yuccas their second name: "the soap plant. The roots are big tubers, resembling the size of potatoes.