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What Does the Facebook Messenger Bot do?

A new chatbot has recently been launched by Facebook and has been hailed as the best Facebook bot ever created. This bot is called Conversational Facebook Messenger Bot. The way it works is pretty simple and straight forward to implement.

Just simply sign up for Facebook, choose the Messenger as your preferred platform, and opt into the various Facebook apps there are. The Conversational Facebook Messenger Bot will then appear on your account.

What it does is that it listens to what you say through a voice recognition feature. It searches your messages and listens to what you type to respond back. It also provides you with a free Facebook Messenger Bot application.

But before you begin using this bot you should know what to expect from it. What I mean is, that you should know how to start the conversation and what exactly your chatbot will be doing. Here is an overview of the chatbot being offered:

– Conversational App with Voice Recognition: This allows users to use the robot with just a click of the mouse. When it is activated, it will start playing a series of AI conversations (about 10 at a time). Once you start talking with it, the bot will initiate a conversation via voice recognition.

– Chat Bot: It will be going to be responding to the user's queries by typing it out. But it can also say one or two phrases from the script.

– Message: The messages you get from the bot will be displaying whatever is in the window that the bot is currently focusing on. It will also be displaying one or two short phrases to be responded to.

When it comes to how the bot operates the only hard part is to make sure that it responds to the things the user wants. It's not rocket science at all, but there are a few factors you need to be aware of.

– You should start the communication with the bot by activating it so that it knows what you want. Once that is done you can start to talk to it will continue on its own from there.

– The bot will respond to you in a similar manner. The only difference is that it will be responding in a natural way to your language and not be a machine that is programmed and cannot do anything else.

– You can always ask the bot if it has anything new for you to read and it will bring it right to you. This will save you the trouble of having to search through thousands of books to find a specific book that you need.

If you have not tried out the bot yet then it would be a good idea to try out it for about 30 minutes. You may end up liking it more than you thought!