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Use Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

Once you have your tool ready, it's time to get started. Start by laying your garment out on the cutting mat or surface and arranging the pieces as closely together as possible. Make sure that the seams are aligned along the vertical and horizontal lines of the fabric so that they will be cut evenly. For most garments, it's easiest to start at the bottom of the garment and work your way up.

Now it's time to start cutting! Use moderate pressure and move the fabric around so that it doesn't get caught in the blade. If necessary, use your fingers to help guide the fabric through the machine.

Be careful not to over-cut – once you've made a cut, it's too late to stop unless you're going to re-cut the seam. You can also use automatic fabric cutting machine.

If you over-cut, you'll need to carefully gather the fabric back together and start over. Once you've cut all of the seams for your garment, lay out your pieces again and make sure that all of the pieces are still evenly aligned. If any corners are misaligned, take a rotary cutter or razor blade to them so that they can be rejoined as needed.

Now cut all of the bias strips into smaller pieces if desired before sewing them down. All done! No sewing machine experience is necessary to enjoy making garments with this tutorial – it's intended for beginners and instructions are included in every lesson.