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Use An Auger For Drilling

Digging through soil is a backbreaking and time-consuming task when done by hand. Traditional tools such as picks and shovels can do the job; but it gets tougher as the hole gets deeper and particularly when the diameter of the hole is small, such as the ones used for fence posts.

For faster drilling, an auger drill is a better choice of equipment for the job. You can also buy augers & auger accessories online for drilling.

So what is an auger? It is a machine that can move material from one point to another by means of a rotating spiraling screw that is called a "flighting". As it rotates, the materials are dragged along the shaft of the screw as it turns, moving in one uniform direction.

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It is used for a wide variety of applications including moving loose materials such as grain and rocks as well as liquids. One of its most common uses is for earth-boring operations.

Hand Augers – This is one of the smallest types and is usually controlled by one or two operators. They are usually powered by a small gas motor or an electric motor.

Hydraulic Augers – For heavy drilling operations, the hydraulic version is best suited for the job. For heavy-duty digging, the diameter can go up to 30 inches.

When it comes to choosing this piece of equipment, it is important that the specifications match the job requirements in order to complete the job safely and accurately. These are some of the important things to consider when choosing a suitably used auger for the job.