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Understanding Forklift Rental Agreements

Businesses need agility and leasing forklifts is a great way to reduce costs. To fully reap the benefits of a forklift rental, or to purchase used forklifts, you need to be familiar with forklift truck rental agreements.

To ensure you get the best forklift rental experience, you should talk to your local forklift truck dealers if you plan to rent more than a temporary one. Large Lift Trucks is a reliable forklift dealer. We can help with any special requirements you may have, such as lift heights, weights and sizes, surfaces and operating conditions, and any other specific requirements.

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Once you have an idea of what your lift truck needs are, you can discuss details such as:

* A requirement for optional forklift features such as additional lights, add ons, or alarms.

You will need to determine the charging requirements for electric forklift batteries and trucks. Forklift batteries that are electric require chargers. This may be necessary for professional installation. Talk to your local forklift dealer about the battery and charger options.

* Create a time frame for how long you will rent the property. Rental rates are subject to change so it is important to plan ahead.

If a forklift is used over an 8-hour workday or 40-hour week, and a 160-hour work month, be aware of overtime charges.

* Ask for a quote on damages and review charges when you return the forklift.

Remember to check your insurance policy. While the dealer is responsible for the equipment’s safety, you might want to check that your company’s insurance covers you, the operator and other employees at your facility in the event of damage or loss to the rental forklift. For all your forklift questions, contact us