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Tips To Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

Want to spend less on air conditioning? Want to keep your home super cool this summer while not paying an arm and a leg for your air conditioning?

Here are a few ways to do it:

1. Use Fans Strategically

If you have ceiling air conditioners, place fans in front of the unit. This will help push the air around your home. The faster you can disperse the cool air that's coming out of the ceiling cassette AC systems, the faster your home will cool. 

Remember, even in a window unit there is a thermostat. If it is reading that the room is still warm, the AC will keep working hard.

But, if you can cool down the room faster and keep the air circulating, you will spend less because the unit is using much less electricity.

2. Ceiling Fans

Much like box type fans, the idea behind using ceiling fans to cut down on your electric bill is that the air is spread around quicker. Plus, ceiling fans have an added benefit: you can use them to pull hot, humid air up to the ceiling while the air conditioner cools the air down below. This will also make the AC work a lot less hard, requiring much less energy.

Heat tends to increase, so extracting the air up and replacing it with cold air is a great way to make your AC more efficient.

3. Set Your Thermostat

It's the great debate…do you leave your AC running while you're out of the house or do you turn it off?

If you turn it off, keep in mind that while you'll save a bit while the unit is not running, it will take a lot more effort to cool your home once you get back.