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The Relaxing Effect of Hot Stone Massage

For most types of massage, the therapist only needs his own hands as a tool, but there is one type of massage that is becoming very popular these days that use stones and called the hot stone massage. While the exact type of massage has been practiced for centuries, it only became popular in the modern spa during the last few years.

This technique uses heated stones are placed strategically on different body parts. Traditionally, a volcanic black rock called basalt used because these stones have the ability to retain heat for a long time and they also conduct heat very well, making them perfect because they do not need to be heated often and also a large channel for transferring heat to the client.

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In the modern spa, you will find that these stones be cleaned before use. Once they are heated, therapists test them (usually just a touch) to make sure they are the right temperature which is usually between 120 and 150 ° F. When placed on the body, these stones have a relaxing effect on your muscles.

Hot stone massage can be used with a variety of techniques, but the Swedish massage is the most common. This technique uses long strokes that complement the smoothing effect of the relaxation of the rock. Typically, stones are applied both along the spine or muscles in addition as well as the lower back, the latissimus dorsi muscle in the back of the middle and upper trapezius muscles in your back.