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The Function Of An Emergency Dentist

Emergency dentists play a crucial part in your dental health plan. It is crucial to have contact information for an emergency dentist who is reputable if you chip your tooth, break a tooth or suffer from a severe toothache during the evening, on a weekend, or on holiday. 

Your emergency dentist may become your usual dentist but many dentists don't offer emergency services. If you are in a situation of extreme emergency and there isn't an appropriate dentist available the emergency room may be able to offer the treatment you require until a dentist is located.

Emergency dentistry in Buderim provides urgent dental treatment to patients during the evening or on weekends. The most frequent issue that requires urgent dental care is a severe toothache triggered by an abscess or impaction (infection). The dentist could be able to assist you by pulling your tooth or performing an operation called a root canal. However, often you'll need to get an antibiotic before you can do anything.

What Is a Dental Emergency? - Boyett Family Dentistry

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Other types of emergencies needing urgent care include broken or chipped teeth, a fractured cap or filling, or another dental issue that is causing extreme discomfort. There is no set definition of what constitutes an emergency, and services and procedures differ from one dentist to the next.

A dentist in an emergency is not an alternative to regular dental visits. However, it could be a vital component of your complete dental health plan. By having the contact details of a dentist handy, you could alleviate pain, and reduce the risk of permanent dental damage.