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Wilderness Therapy Programs Redirect Teenagers

Sometimes in life people are confused about why they were here, what they do, and where they will go. Lost to addiction, inappropriate behavior or lack of self-esteem and personal direction, teenagers, in particular, do not know how to trust themselves or others.

Coming from a situation of abuse or broken homes where love is a four-letter word that is not pronounced enough, some children become rebellious and seek attention wherever they can find it.

Being engaged in questionable activities and walking with a group of troubled youth, teenage boys sometimes become involved in illegal behavior. You can also find various therapeutic programs for your teens in Montana, USA via

Without criticizing their parents for the way they grew up, children often have to make their own mistakes before they come to an understanding of who they are.

To assist in the process of discovery and to help steer misguided youth back on to a productive and contribute path, wilderness therapy programs have been developed using psychological and physical tools to help treat troubled teens.

Through the activities in outdoor adventures including rafting, rock climbing and backpacking treks with a horse, teens can learn valuable lessons about their ability to trust others and themselves.

With the skills and training provided by a wilderness therapy program, many young people who were once on the road of self-destruction can find meaning and purpose in their lives.