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Super Warm Wool Blanket For Your Luxurious Bedding

Wool can provide beautiful, warm, and luxurious bedding such as a fleece throw blanket. It was once prized as the Golden Fleece of Bedding. It is now available in light-weight wool fill and is just as valuable for its unique dimension to bedroom decor and comfort. 

Wool can be found in pillows, blankets, mattresses pads, futon covers, and wholesale fleece blankets. Wool will suit your needs, no matter what they are. It will be soft and comfortable, will last for a long time, resist flames, and have superior insulation properties. You can buy these blankets via according to your bedding requirements.


The crimp is what makes wool-fill so versatile. It is extremely insulating and forms a strong bond without the use of chemical binders. You can find bedding products made from pure wool, including duvet covers if you already own your bedroom set. It will not lose shape or become clumpy or shift.

In addition to its resilience, wool works well whether it is dry or wet. Down will shrink if it is wet. Wool, on the other hand, will not shift to the corners or bunch. The wool fleece blanket you receive will not feel wet and will last longer than similar synthetic blankets when it is flattened.

After being compressed, your wool fleece throw blanket will retain 95% of its original thickness. It consistently outperforms synthetic products like polyester fiber-fill. Synthetic substitutes only recover 70-80%. 

Pure wool will always return to its original lush thickness, regardless of how much it is pulled or twisted. This bedding product is unrivaled in quality. Because it is unique in its cellular structure, it creates millions upon millions of air pockets to trap heat. It doesn't matter what bedding product you choose, it is important to keep warm.