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Installing Solar Panels In Australia

Installing solar panels yourself can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. While it is possible for the initial investment to be quite expensive, numerous solar panel kits on the market will enable you to install them cheaply and easily.

And, when the solar panel installation is completed you can sell your electricity back into the grid. Here is some useful advice about how to install the solar panels yourself.

First, you require measuring the area of the roof to calculate the number and scope of solar panel plates that can be installed. If you are living in the northern hemisphere, your roof space should face in the south direction. An alternative, to installing on the roof, is installing on a ground rack in a shade-free area of the property.

Next, buy the solar panel plates ensuring that you have the same number you intend to install. Also, you should pick up a rooftop connector kit that is designed especially for domestic use. These kits can be bought in many solar industry stores, as well as local home restoration stores.

Follow the instructions provided in the rooftop connector kit. Secure a mounting rail by pushing them on to the ridge tethers. If you aren't very sure about the width between the roof trusses, it will pay you to visit your attic and take accurate measurements.