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Craniosacral Therapists – Narrow Your Focus To Attract More Clients

It may surprise you and completely wrong to you. But after 15 years of helping therapists with light hearts and light touches do their exercises, I promise it's true. Completing your practice is much easier if you focus on finding only the people who are your best clients.

As a CranioSacral Therapist, your job can help everyone. No arguments. You are practicing gentle therapy that naturally removes internal boundaries. You can get the best information about craniosacral practitioners via

craniosacral practitioner

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Who will not benefit from it? But there's another thing I want to encourage if you want to easily expand your practice: as much as modality helps you, it's not meant to serve everyone.

After all, people don't come to you for what you do, but for who you are. There is a certain essence to you that certain people are just waiting to be accepted. This was a revelation to one of my clients, a doctor of oriental medicine. 

When I guided her through an exercise to identify her trait, she quickly discovered that her best clients came to her for their palpable sweetness. This quality allows them to give up protection and drink in peace.

Likewise, there is one person you must serve the most. And that's good news because it almost eliminates competition. Plus, for everyone you don't need to serve, there's a therapist with a light touch.

So when you make conscious choices to define the characteristics of your "perfect patient," you are serving your community and your colleagues.

And you give them the ability to return the service with recommendations that will give you a more ideal customer.