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Use the Cotton Pads for Skin

Cotton pads can be used every day for skin care and cosmetic beauty. Most people use cotton pads to apply your toner to their skin. You are not optimizing the effectiveness of your cotton pads if you do. Let's find out how to use cotton pads differently. You can also provide the Aico natural cotton pads in affordable range.


You can buy both non-woven and cotton pads on the market. The softest are the cotton ones. Non-woven ones have a stronger absorbing power than cotton ones. You will need a larger amount of cotton pads to apply toner. For cleansing the cuticle and mask, the cotton ones are a better choice. They are not always the best. Natural materials are better than soft cotton pads. This will ensure that your pores won't be clogged and there is no fiber on your skin.

You can use cotton pads to evenly apply toner to your skin. The delicate skin around the eye area is sensitive. Skin around eye area is very delicate, just press and hold the toner-soaked cotton pads around eye area. Cuticle easily accumulates around cheek and jaw bone area. You can gently cleanse (pull action) to remove the cuticle. Use the thicker pad to soak the toner, press and hold around mouth and chin area.