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Wood Sash Windows – How to Choose a Reputable Contractor

Getting a great price on wood sash windows for your home is only part of the picture. No matter how low the price, if the quality isn't superior and the contractor isn't competent, your window replacement or installation project is headed for disaster.

Finding a contractor for your sash window repair or replacement project is perhaps the most difficult yet important aspect of any major home repairs you undertake. Here's some information about how to choose a contractor to repair or replace your sash windows.

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The Internet is a Good Place to Start

For a comprehensive picture of wood sash window contractors, the Internet is a superior tool. Just open your favorite search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in a search phrase like "timber sash windows" + your location. An example of what to type would be "timber sash windows + London" (without the bold type or quotation marks).

A results page will pop up with links for more contractors in or near London than you could ever find any other way. When you navigate to a contractor's web site, you'll see pictures of types of products offered, past projects, company history and plenty of text to read about the company and why you should choose it for your replacement sash window project.

Any reputable timber sash window contractor will want to come out to your home in order to prepare an estimate. Estimates are sometimes tricky, especially if you have bow windows or bay windows or casement windows of a non-standard size. These windows are generally more expensive because very often they are bespoke (custom made).