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Bunion Information And Treatment In Baltimore

Bunions are one of the most familiar foot problems. Bunions are often reported as a bump on the side of the big toe. Bunions most usually affect women. Bunions in Baltimore happen nearly 10 times more often in women than men.

The large toe may turn in toward the second toe (angulation), and the tissues surrounding the joint may be swollen and fragile. Bunion or Hallux valgus in Baltimore may be caused by taut, pointy-toed, or high-heeled shoes, and shoes that are too small.

Women get bunions most more frequently than men. Improper shoes infuriate the underlying cause of unstable flat feet. A bunion can be caused, or made sick, by arthritis, a condition where the protective cartilage covering the joints becomes diseased or damaged.

Some people also attend to put more stress than normal on the inside of the foot when they run or walk, making them more prone to bunions. Symptoms of a bunion is a swollen or red bony bump at the base of the big toe. The bunion is painful and the skin over it becomes dense and calloused from friction against the shoe. The skin ends the bunion may break down and type an ulcer.

Many people who have bunions have them on both toes. There are many treatment options for bunions and they will vary with the type and severity of each bunion and will also rely on what is causing the symptoms. Surgery in Baltimore is the only way to completely remove the deformity that causes bunions.

The bony growth is removed, and the bones of the big toe realigned. Anti-inflammatory medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, can reduce inflammation and pain. You can prevent bunions by wearing restful, well-fitting shoes.

Use felt pads to help retain pressure off the painful area of the bunions. The local cold pack is sometimes helpful as well. If you must wear heels, make sure the shoe is not taut and narrow at the toes and try to avoid wearing heels for large periods of time.