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The Nice Side of Ozone – For Natural Sanitation

Ozone is much more than the nasty air pollutant that everyone knows about. It is also the naturally occurring protective layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere. And it is the safest, most powerful natural sanitizing agent we have for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Ozone generators replace or reduce chemicals in a variety of applications.

Aqueous ozone cleaning turns pure oxygen into powerful and natural ozone that is used to oxidize, sanitize, and purify everything from hot tub water to municipal water. Quite often ozone can eliminate the need for chemicals and at minimum, ozone reduces the need for chemicals. 

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The applications of ozone sanitation have even reached the on-premise laundry industry, where ozone laundering is used to reduce the amount of hot water and detergents needed to clean the laundry at hotels, universities, nursing homes, and more. In doing so, operators are seeing cost savings that deliver returns within several months of use.

The sanitizing power of ozone has proven to be 200 times more powerful than chlorine and, unlike many other forms of sanitation, ozone leaves behind no harmful chemical byproducts. In pools, ozone reduces the chlorine by-product, chloramines, that can cause skin irritations and illness, such as "lifeguard lung." Ozone also oxidizes hydrogen sulfides, iron, manganese, arsenic, and most chlorinated hydrocarbons found in water.