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Don’t Underestimate The Power of Socks

As a runner in high school, I never realized the importance of socks when it came to my training. It was basically the last thing I would think of when putting together my running outfit. Any normal old sock would be enough for me. Yes, even cotton socks.

Of course, this was fine at the time. My high school cross country team averaged pretty low weekly miles, around 25 to be exact. Our runs and total miles for the week were never big enough to reap the benefits of the top socks.

During my first season of college running, where my weekly mileage was steady in the 80s, I quickly learned that socks played an important role in my training. By spending some extra money on socks, I could help prevent blisters, keep my feet comfortable throughout the length of those fun 17-mile runs, and just keep my feet healthier overall. You can buy the best  sock subscription box from

While researching, it was a big surprise to find that there were even socks for all kinds of races. For example, there are socks made specifically for trail running. Since trail running brings all kinds of challenges for your feet, such as uneven, rocky, and bumpy surfaces, a different type of sock is needed. Manufacturers like Drymax produce a trail running sock to help with foot moisture and reduce abrasions caused by all the turns and movements of the foot during the run.

Then I went on to learn all about compression socks. Compression socks help blood flow through the legs to prevent pooling. This will help with leg fatigue and is great on long runs. Runners looking for some kind of consistency in their training should invest a couple of pairs. By wearing them for longer runs, you will find that your legs will be less tired and probably not as sore.

In general, I learned that it is not necessarily the type of shoe that I am wearing that helps my legs and feet get through those long weeks, but also socks. Socks will always be factored into my running budget from now on, and I recommend doing the same.