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Rules For Successful Marijuana Cloning

Marijuana cloning is difficult to learn and requires dedication and attention to detail. Instead of planting successful clones in your garden, follow a few basic cloning rules to get newer and better cannabis. Let's discuss the steps in cloning cannabis plants:

 • Planting from plants: Cloning is a technique to get an exact replica of the parent plant physiologically and genetically. Cannabis plants can be cloned with cuttings from parent plants.  

Remember that offspring have problems similar to parent plants because they have similarities in all respects to parent plants.

Therefore, when choosing cuttings, be careful not to take diseased plants with cannabis to reduce the possibility of health risks when harvesting marijuana. To know more about marijuana cloning you can visit

 • Use of sterile devices: Many manufacturers believe that ignoring the cleanliness of the device when cloning cannabis is not a big task. You cannot be far from the truth.

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Clean trays, scalpels, and scissors must get healthier and more complete cannabis plants. It is recommended to sterilize your instrument by boiling it in boiling water and using alcohol. Also, only use fresh cloned media and not old equipment that becomes too rusty.

• Monitor physical factors: Cloning cannabis is a complex process and physical factors such as temperature, light, humidity, etc. Must be monitored carefully to avoid adverse effects..