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Lip Balm – A Must-Have In A Make-Up Kit

Skin is by far the most important organ of the human body. It provides an insulating layer to the muscle, flesh, and tissue that make up our body. It is essential to ensure that the skin is well-nourished and properly cared for, to maintain its suppleness and moisture in dry, cold, and wet conditions. 

There are a myriad of cosmetics and personal care items that are considered essential to keep your appearance healthy. Lip balm or cream is a must to keep your lips looking fresh and moisturized. You can also browse to buy velvet sky lip balm.

tips to protect your lips

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Lips with chapped and dry skin appear poor and dirty and in severe weather conditions, the lips could appear cracked and swollen when they are not properly hydrated. 

In today's hectic and stressful routines, a woman's cosmetic kit should contain lipstick balm and eye pencil tissues, and lotion for quick makeup and giving the appearance of a new face after working hard.

What is a lip balm made of?

A lip balm or lip cream, also known as lip salve is a soft waxy product that is applied on the lips in order to ease dryness and cold sores. Components such as beeswax as well as paraffin, lanolin, and petroleum jelly constitute the primary ingredients. 

The lips are especially susceptible to dryness and damage because the lip's skin is thin and is frequently the first sign of dryness and dehydration within the body. Lip balms can be applied with the fingertips or directly from a tube such as lipstick.