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Why Should You Have an Optimized Google Places Listing for Your Business?

Most of today's business owners know nothing about internet marketing, they are used to traditional marketing such as newspaper, yellow pages, and television advertising. You can consider the top amazon listing service at

What they don't know is that the old marketing methods are no longer as effective as the fewer people watching TV and reading the newspapers. However, prices are still very high, and trying to target your specific market using traditional methods like aiming, training with rifles instead of rifles.

Google is the number one search engine, and if your business isn't listed on Google, it's like you're NOT in the world's largest online directory. Placing your business ad on Google is important as more and more people are searching for your product or service locally near their homes.

Google Places for Business is a way to find your business in local Google search results. This includes Google Search and Google Maps, and it's surprising, but most business owners don't even have a company listed on Google.

After completing this very simple task, go to Google Places and place your business ad. If you don't see your business at first, just fill in the basic information and list your business on a local Google listing. To activate your local Google listing, enter your phone number. Google's automated system will contact you directly with a PIN to confirm your new Google business listing.