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Key Specifications of Electronic Cigarette Batteries

The key specifications of the electronic rechargeable battery

There are three key specifications we have to consider when selecting suitable lithium-ion batteries. We have listed here in order of importance:

Continuously Discharge rate: This is the maximum sustainable level of battery discharge rated. You can purchase rechargeable batteries such as LG li-ion battery online.

Maximum Operating Temperature: This is the maximum temperate battery that should operate in order to avoid damaging the cells. This is partly how they reach the discharge rate max. For example, a battery rated at 20A continuous discharge will not exceed this temperature. It may be able to deliver more than 20A for short periods of time without exceeding the max temperature; This is often referred to as the Pulse Rate Maximum Discharge

Capacity: The battery capacity is listed in milliamp-hours (mAh). The higher the number, the more energy it contains a battery and thus will result in longer run time. It is important to note that the capacity rise, continuous discharge rate tends to drop due to increased internal resistance of the battery capacity is higher.

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