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General Ethical Standards For Law Firms

Before hiring the services of a law firm, it is necessary to know their background and performance history. To do this, you need to know the firm's qualifications on its legal capacity and its standards.

Law firms are classified based on their ability and general ethical standards. There are rating boards across the country that conduct and evaluate law firms based on the confidential opinions of members of the bar association and the judiciary. 

Qualifications are awarded over a five-year interval, generally after a lawyer has been admitted to the bar association. To avail the services of the top law firms in Canada visit

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The two components of the grading system are:

o Legal capacity: this component is classified in three ways: C (from good to high), B (from high to very high) and C (from very high to preeminent)

o General Ethical Standards Ratings denote 'adherence to professional standards of conduct and ethics, reliability, diligence and other criteria related to the performance of legal responsibilities'. The general recommendation rating for a law firm should be a "V" that you must first receive to earn the rating of legal capacity.

Ratings classification

Ratings are typically described as follows:

o CV Rating: an excellent first rating, a statement of the company's above-average capabilities, and a high ethical standard.

o BV Rating – Signifies an exemplary reputation and a well-established practice, it also indicates that the law firm is in the middle of its career, with a significant client base and a high professional level.

o AV Rating: the firm has reached the pinnacle of professional excellence, indicating long years of legal practice with the highest level of skill and integrity.