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Risks of Buying Land Without Having a Survey Done

When buying land, there are two things that must be done at the same time. The first is to get property insurance and the second is to do a survey. Property insurance will, among other things, prove the legal owner of the property along with a description of the property. 

The lines in the written description and those on the floor must be the same. These lines are often blurred on older objects. There are certain risks associated with owning land without making use of a property survey. The first is that ownership of the seller's property is in no way a guarantee of ownership of the land. So, it is better to look for land rights mediation in such cases. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

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The description must contain the following elements:-

1 – The written description must be closed mathematically. Simply put, lines and angles have to meet. The square or rectangle must be closed. This is true when determining geometric values – usually in the form of bearings and clearances. A complication arises when the description is invalid for a numeric value which allows close verification.

2- He must be able to stand on his own without using a description of neighboring land or evidence of "conditional release" (oral evidence). This is commonly known as the "Four Corners" rule, which refers to the four corners of the paper that describe the property.