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How Staying in Hostel offer more Advantage than Staying in a Hotel?


Many travelers now prefer to stay in a hostel over a hotel for a lot of benefits. For one; you get to save money. Moreover, you get to have fun at pubs and bars. Let’s focus on some of the additional advantages of staying in a hostel that is better compared to the hotel.

  1. Save you from Spending a Fortune – As mentioned above, staying in a hostel helps one to save more over a hotel. Moreover, if you wish to extend your stay, then the price too isn’t that expensive compared to paying a lot in a hotel.
  2. Good Modern Rooms – Previous hostels weren’t that great in terms of staying. However, that impression has changed as hostels offer plenty of modern rooms filled with nothing short of amenities. Additionally, you get to access free internet which is one added bonus.
  3. You Meet New People – Due to the popularity of hostels, many travelers come to stay in one from parts of the world. In fact, hostels serve as one of the best places to meet new people and learn a few traditions and culture.
  4. The Service is Pretty Good – Today’s hostels' service is pretty good. The staff is friendly to talk to and very helpful. Communicating with the staff too isn’t much of a problem as they are capable of speaking in more than 3 languages. In the end, the hostel service is on the same level as you would get from a hotel.

These are some of the advantages of staying in Koh Phangan hostels.