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Sparklers and Small Fireworks Safety at Parties

There are many occasions that call for fireworks and other consumer-grade fireworks. Independence Day is a big one, birthday parties, graduations.

Fun is the main purpose of fireworks but still, safety is a key factor in all situations involving fireworks. Even fireworks can cause burns and start a fire. So here are some tips to keep you, your family and friends safe when using fireworks and other small fireworks. If you are searching for safe firecrackers and sparklers then you can navigate various online sources.

1. Always supervise children. Many times children do not realize that the development of heat and often met the business end of fireworks into someone or something. Last year we had a dog called Sparky for this reason!

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2. Outdoor, outdoors, outdoors. Always use all fireworks outdoors. There was a birthday cake indoor fireworks that burn "cool" or have little or no smoke or ash fallout, but check, re-check and triple-check that you have the fireworks can be used indoors.

3. Put all spent handle flowers, wood or wire, in one place so they are not left on the ground for someone to step on it and either get burned or punctured. A burn may produce tears and ice packs but if someone steps on the wire which could be a trip to the emergency room for a tetanus booster. Not a pleasant way to end a summer picnic.