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What Is An Ionic Footbath?

An ionic footbath (IFB) is a method used to help remove chemicals, toxins and other impurities from your body. Every day, you are exposed to the different substances are countless that can contaminate your body, change the cell's energy and harm your health.

Of aluminum in baking soda and other foods that are commonly used for EMF waves from cell phone towers around you to chemicals used in food and fertilizer, your body is jammed every day with a variety of toxins that can ultimately jeopardize your wellbeing.

Cleaning your body is important and IFB is a tool that you can use. You can also get ion cleanse detox treatment easily.

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What is Ionic Footbath?

At first glance, an ionic footbath may seem like a relaxing soak your feet- considerable activity in and of itself. However, IFB is much more than just soaking tired feet. Ionic footbaths use scientific principles to attract unhealthy toxins from your body and into the bath.

An IFB contains negatively charged ions. Negatively charged ions attract positive ions or free radicals in your body. When the positive ions are attracted to the negative ions, they can be pulled out of your body so that your body cleanses that makes you less healthy than you can.

Of course, IFB not only attracts positive ions out-he did so in the scientific process of osmosis. Due to osmosis, positively charged ions and toxins can be pulled out through the skin. However, because the ions and chemicals are drawn out through a semipermeable membrane, whatever you do not lose your body needs.