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Types of Cases that an Immigration Attorney Will Work on

An immigration attorney can help you with a variety of different legal cases, including obtaining a visa or green card, fighting deportation or an application for asylum, and resolving a family-based immigration issue. Depending on the case, an attorney may be able to help you access government benefits or services, negotiate with the government, or take on the legal battle on your behalf. You can visit to know more about immigration lawyer in NZ.

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An immigration lawyer will typically work on a variety of different cases. Depending on the client's situation, an immigration lawyer may handle everything from visa applications to citizenship petitions to family-based immigration cases. Some common types of cases an immigration lawyer may work on include: 

  • Visa applications: An immigration lawyer may help applicants prepare and submit visa applications. 

  • Citizenship petitions: An immigration lawyer may help clients apply for citizenship, including through the naturalization process. 

  • Family-based immigration: An immigration lawyer may help clients apply for family-based immigrant visas. 

  • Refugee resettlement: An immigration lawyer may help refugees resettle.

Most immigration lawyers specialize in one area of the law, such as family-based immigration or asylum seekers. However, many lawyers also have some experience in other areas of the immigration system. Some lawyers also serve as advocates for their clients, working to ensure that their cases are handled properly by the government.