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Common Mistakes In Canadian Immigration And How To Fix Them

Canada is known as a land of diversity offering diverse opportunities for those looking for quality education, attractive jobs, business prospects, and more. You can contact anyone if you have valid authorization. Canadian immigration also makes it easier and more convenient to migrate to other parts of the world. 

However, migrants still make mistakes due to a lack of experience in the sector. Here are some of the most common ups and downs associated with Canadian immigration and tips on how to fix them. Moreover, immigrants are also able to take help from the most reliable Immigration Consultant Toronto to assist you in meeting all the requirements.

Dos and Don'ts for Canadian Immigration - Immigration Law Office ...

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Less than 1 year of continuous full-time experience in basic NOC code:

Mentioning the root code on your express login profile seems interesting. Although you have to make sure the experience you show is more than a year that is considered appropriate. The major NOC codes that do not come under the skill level such as O, A, B will be rejected immediately.

How To Fix:

In entry-level Express Profiles, you may only include primary NOC codes where you have had ongoing experience valid for more than one year over the past ten years. You should know that your job prospects in Canada will never be affected by what you enter as the basic NOC code. 

Submissions are delayed or are waiting too long:

If you have the rights and qualifications you should submit your application as soon as possible. The rules, regulations, and criteria included in the applicant's provincial program change frequently. Also, the immigration category opens and closes quickly. Whatever you choose, do it fast and put your app in the express login pool.

How to fix:

Once you have determined your eligibility, the best immigrant category, and other details, submit your application. If you don't have enough ideas on how to do this, don't hesitate to consult with immigration officials in your area.