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Choose Best Sleeping Bag Online

When you buy a sleeping bag online, the first feature you need to consider is the temperature rating. The temperature rating identify up to what temperature a sleeping bag can keep you warm.

There are many different types of sleeping bags online to choose from – which are categorized according to the weather – for the summer, 3-season, cold weather and winter.  You can shop for lightweight sleeping bags for hiking & camping online.

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Say a sleeping bag rated at 40 ° to 50 °, this means that it can keep your body at the right temperature even in very hot weather. The same thing applies when you buy online sleeping bag that is rated at 20 °. This means that it can keep you warm and comfortable even when the temperature drops below 20 °.

Here is a simple guide that will help you buy a sleeping bag online in accordance with the right kind of weather camping:

+ 35 ° F and up = summer sleeping bag

+ 10 ° F to + 35 ° F = 3-season sleeping bag

-10 ° F to + 10 ° F = cold weather sleeping bag

-10 ° F and below = winter or extreme sleeping bag

Now that you are aware of what qualities to look for when you buy a sleeping bag online and the best camping tents online from the best providers of camping gear – you can have peace of mind that your camping experience will be a pleasant and memorable one. Enjoy camping!