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Dog Treats – What You Need to Know

What is better than watching your pooch reacting to the question, "Do you want a treat?" Whether it’s a perk of the ears or a full-on freakout, we love to give out dog treats and chews because it makes our pups so happy. In addition to entertainment, Giving your dog a treat now and then can have real life benefits.

Dog treats and chews can be used to learn new tricks and behaviors, sneak in a prescribed pill, help clean your dog’s teeth, or aid digestion. So what are the best dog treats? It depends on your pooch, their diet, and what you’re trying to achieve. There is a plethora of healthy doggie treats on that you can buy for your canine.

Training Treats

The key to a poop-free floor might just lie with training treats. Because some behaviors are harder to learn than others, and you may be doling out several treats in a single session, the best dog treats for training are small and dry. For extra-long sessions, cut treats into smaller pieces.

Comfort Treats

Keeping your dog busy when you are away is a great way to alleviate the separation anxiety and boredom associated with having a life. Give your furry loved one something they can concentrate on for a few hours – a chew, “bone” treats, peanut butter treats or other comfort treats that can’t be gobbled up in two seconds. This will also help puppies who are teething and dogs who like to gnaw on shoes.