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Where to Store Gold Bars and Coins in Switzerland

Gold bars and coins should always be stored to protect against damage and theft. While it is possible to store your gold bars at home, it can take a lot of time, planning, and money to make your gold secure. 

If you do choose to store your gold at home, here are a few things you should consider for the best security. You can also check out here to get more information about gold storage in Switzerland.

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1.Use a fireproof safe- Some people skip on making sure their safety is fireproof. If your safe doesn’t survive a home fire, it will be almost impossible to find your investment in the ash and rubble.

2.Don’t store all of your gold in one location- Doing this creates a perfect storm for you to lose your entire investment at once. Choose to use multiple secure locations throughout your home to prevent losing everything.

     Gold Storage Vaults

Professional gold storage vaults are designed to protect your investment. The security company becomes responsible for your investment and takes all responsibility off your shoulders. Benefits of Using a Gold Storage Vault are:

1.Vaults provide better security- Professional and reputable storage vaults are designed and protected with cutting-edge technology and constant surveillance. 

2.Your investment is 100% insured- Insurance is one of the most overlooked costs of owning gold. If you’re planning to store your gold at home, it can be costly to insure your investment through homeowners or specialized policy.