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Container Gardening: Urban Alternative For Plant Lovers

Are you a gardening fanatic with no room for parks, such as apartment dwellers and people in shared housing?

You can always build a container garden on a balcony, patio, deck, or a sunny window. Not only the joy of flowers but vegetables and fruit can grow. You can grow the perennials, annuals, and shrubs, and even small trees all in a container. You can always find something extraordinary like plants to lighten up your room.

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Container gardening can present its own set of challenges. It requires proper planning like any other type of gardening. You'll need to find your USDA zone (to identify plants suitable for your zone), see how much daylight you get in your apartment or balcony, and from there you can choose the best plant varieties.

When buying plants wiser and selecting those with a healthy appearance and a good natural shape. Stems should be straight. Stay away from the plant by turning, tilting, or deformed trunk, which can affect the healthy growth of plants. Try to buy your plants from a local nursery unless you have the right conditions for raising seedlings indoors.

For your container, glazed ceramic pots with drainage holes is a good choice. Terracotta pots were nice to see, really, but it dries quickly and leaves your plants without moisture. The wooden container was good but can be prone to rot. Cedar and redwood are pretty foul and make good containers but make sure the wood is not treated with creosote or other toxic materials that can damage the plant.