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Reasons To Love Stemless Wine Glasses

Have you seen what people are using to drink wine out of these days? Many people are changing to a new style of a wine glass, one without stems. They look just like a regular tumbler that you would use to drink water, juice, or other cocktails out of, but they are made for drinking wine from.

Now, you may wonder how they can be made differently for drinking wine as opposed to drinking anything else. For one thing, Riedel is one of the makers of the wine tumbler, and they engineer their tumblers to enhance the taste of the wine like they do their other wine glasses. Another thing that makes these mexican hand blown wine glasses different than a regular tumbler is the thickness of the glass. The stemless wine glasses have a thinner rim.

Image of 330ml Clear Ella Red Wine Glasses - Pack of Six - By LAV

I have heard comments from people saying that they are very opposed to this new style of wine tumbles, but I for one love them. Here are a few of my reasons.

  • More stable than stemmed glasses, so there is less of a chance of knocking it over.
  • The stemless wine glasses are much easier to run through a dishwasher.
  • Because these glasses are stemless, they will take up less room in your kitchen cupboards, meaning that you can have a shorter cabinet space to put them in.
  • If you do not have room in your kitchen or dining room for a wine glass rack, with these types of glasses you do not need separate storage.
  • If you are really short on cabinet space, these can be stacked like normal tumblers.
  • If they are made by Riedel or one of the other manufacturers of wine glasses who use technology to enhance the flavor of the wine, they are using the same technology for the tumblers.

Wine tumblers are very good for everyday use, whereas some people may think that stemmed wine glasses are a little too fancy for everyday use. They are also great for outdoor entertainment where you may not have the same smooth table surface as if you were entertaining inside. The extra stability of the stemless wine glasses may save some of your glasses from breakage.