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Why Do You Need a Key Management System?

If you are concerned about the security of your business, consider a sophisticated security system that includes more than just alarms or surveillance cameras. While important, there are better ways to improve the security of your business that can ultimately prevent major security breaches.

The 24/7 security & keyholding management system is an invaluable display option. You manage the keys in your company electronically and thus enable highly controlled access in the most modern way. The increased level of security you can achieve with this system is incredible. If you have security concerns, this is an important part of your business.

What is a Physical Key Management System?

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If you're still unsure, it's probably because you don't know if a key management system is right for your business. The truth is that they are a good idea in almost any company. This article provides examples of some companies that have responded very well to this system.

Police Stations and Prisons:- Of course, if your workplace has guns and prisoners, safety is everything. A lock management system will help you keep safes and cages locked and ensure that they are opened by those who have permission to access the locks. This promotes the safety of staff and visitors to these facilities.

Fleet:- If you have a taxi or limousine fleet or a car dealership, lock control is a great way to prevent internal and external theft. You'll find tracking software for your vehicle on the go and electronic lock cabinets so the keys only fall into the right hands.

Public Sector:- Public sector workers know that they have to deal with a lot of private and confidential files. Key management and access systems will treat it confidentially. Rooms and safes that store large amounts of physical records can be locked and use of these systems is limited by locks.