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Brief Information About Amblyopia or Lazy Eye

Amblyopia or lazy eye is expected to affect about five percent of the population and shows up commonly in children. The bigger problem can be avoided if detected in early childhood and the treatment can be started immediately. The affected eyes are not lazy at all. The problem is that the brain does not fully recognize or admit the images sent by the amblyopic eye. This is because of a lack of focus.

This lack of focus is not the result of diseases of the eye and can not be corrected through the use of contacts or glasses, or even surgery. The problem gets worse if not detected early as a brain would close the eyes or make it blurry or there are even more problems. So, it becomes very important to get the best lazy eye diagnosis in Toronto or any other place where you are living as early as possible.

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To correct amblyopia most common treatment is the use of a patch over the "good eye" that forces the "lazy eye" to work well with the brain to be able to see. Most people do not have their children tested for amblyopia until after they start school. Treatment for this problem is the most effective and faster when the condition is discovered before the age of two. 

Orthoptics or training the eye is the medical name for various eye exercises and training that are used to correct visual acuity and to improve the eye or making the eye teaming cooperation better. If you have any thoughts that your child may be having some vision problems, make sure you get them to a qualified eye doctor or ophthalmologist to diagnose what is wrong.