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Waterproofing Basement Walls Externally

The waterproofing process from the external wall of the basement is identified as the most effective method to prevent water from entering inside the foundation walls. For the long-term solution, the external waterproofing process is suggested to everyone for better prevention of the walls.

Many companies such as help many people related to the problems of the basement along with the solutions. Below are some of the necessary points that are enlisted by them for the waterproofing the basement from outside, have a look at them.


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There are loads of alternatives to take into account while proceeding towards the waterproofing basement walls from the exterior surface. One of the preferences is the consumption of an external footer drainage system. Its main aim is to keep the water away from the basement wall.

Furthermore, another option is to place the sump pump above or below the ground. They are also supposed to be a peripheral solution for the dilemma of underground water.

Last but not least, the use of an external sealant is recommended as the most common option for the procedure of external waterproofing basement walls. In general, an external sealant is basically made up of asphalt or cement that is mixed with a water-resistant base.

Polymer and rubber are identified as the best examples of water-resistant alkaline. Once the external sealant applied appropriately then it will help in keeping all the moisture away from the basement. The polymer-based substances are able to sustain for a longer time on the part of the building where they are applied. However, they are not get influenced by the pH of soil.