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The Gentle Side of Egg Donation

Egg donation is becoming increasingly popular and sought after type of treatment for the infertile. This is an advanced type of third party reproduction treatment offering hope and a solution for people who have lost hope.

Unfortunately because of our stressful lives, women become more fertile younger age. Food containing artificial hormones, higher stress levels, increasing demands and pollution adversely affects the quality of the eggs. You can also consult the best fertility specialist in South Africa for fertility treatment.

Because women also try to optimize their life and more adequately prepare for children for their lives, the decision to procreate put to a delay.

Then it can happen that unfortunately women have a low or poor ovarian reserve and need help from egg donor to have a child.

People who need this treatment are usually women who had entered early menopause, caused by premature ovarian failure (Pouf), or their ovarian reserve is poor.

Women egg donor recipients should be screened to confirm that they are healthy uterus to receive the embryo to carry a pregnancy. They will also have many opportunities to choose an egg donor they like and feel comfortable with the process.

The process of egg donation is that the egg donor is medically and psychologically screened to confirm that they have the optimal opportunity to produce good quality eggs and emotionally competent and understand the process of egg donors.