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Things You May Know About Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a unique and enjoyable activity for crafting enthusiasts both young and old, but there are things you may not know about your favorite hobby. 

Here are 5 things/tips that can help you with your diamond paintings.


Diamond painting can be tedious and requires a lot of patience, focus, and attention to detail. Even the most talented diamond painters can make mistakes that yield imperfect pictures. You can look for ozdiamonddotz to get the best painting kits online.

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If you ask most diamond painting artists, one of the main causes of imperfect diamond paintings is working in bad lighting. If you are working in poor lighting, oftentimes your eyes cannot adjust, which in turn leads to mistakes.  To solve this problem we recommend using a diamond painting light pad.


As we mentioned previously, diamond painting requires a lot of patience and focus in order to create your best work of art.  After diamond painting for a long period of time, some people tend to lose some of that focus and patience, which may result in a less than perfect finished product.  

This is why we suggest painting just a little faster to save time and also to keep things stimulating. Luckily there’s a variety of diamond painting pens to help you do exactly that.