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Taking Diabetic Foot Care Seriously Is Very Important

Diabetes mellitus (DM) represents several ailments in which elevated blood glucose levels over time can damage the nerves, eyes, kidneys and blood vessels. Diabetes is such a disease and this is why it's essential for appropriate diabetic testing and treatment. 

Diabetes can also reduce the body's ability to resist disease. Foot problems generally develop in people with diabetes and can quickly become severe. To get more information about the diabetic wound care treatment visit

diabetic wound care treatment

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With damage to the nervous system, a person with diabetes may not be able to feel their feet correctly. Regular sweat secretion and oil production that lubricates the skin of the foot is impaired.

These variables together can result in abnormal strain on the bone and joints of the foot during walking and may lead to the breakdown of the skin of the foot, leading to sores and ulcers.

A  non-elasticated diabetic sock is made to not constrict the foot or leg. Some diabetic socks additionally control moisture, a characteristic that could reduce the probability of infection.

Another valuable feature of diabetic socks is seamless toe-closures to decrease pressure and blistering. Various sock structures are available, such as cotton blends with compression type, antimicrobial properties,  and simple non-binding to allow circulation to flow freely. 

Though treatment for foot problems has improved, prevention – including excellent control of blood glucose level – remains the best way to prevent diabetic complications.