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Treatment For Those Addicted To Crack Cocaine

Although the drug wars of the 1980s and 1990s are now legend, crack cocaine treatment is still needed. Every year, there are over a million crack addicts. This is particularly dangerous because one use can turn someone who was "just trying" into a complete addict. 

Crack is cheaper than powder cocaine and poses a danger to a large segment of the population. You can get more information about Crack cocaine via

The cocoa leaf is an indigenous South American plant that contains cocaine. It gives off its stimulant effect by being chewed. It's roughly the same strength as a cup of good coffee in this form. 

The active ingredient was discovered in the leaf and powder cocaine was processed for the first time in the middle of the 19th century. The drug's potency was increased again when drug industry chemists were able to make a smokeless form of the drug.

In just eight to ten seconds, the user can feel the powerful effects of the drug. The drug produces a massive dopamine rush that gives the user an intense feeling of elation. It makes the user feel like he or she is free from all of life's problems. However, this feeling is extremely brief and lasts only a few minutes.

This elation can be just a few bucks away which makes it almost impossible to resist another hit. The user begins an intense cycle where they want to stay high like a swimmer trying to swim. The user's attention is focused on the drug and not other things. Any and all things, even the care of one's children, can be overlooked. To continue abusing drugs, addicts will sell everything they own or even prostitution.