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How It Premade Disaster Survival Kits Can Endanger Your Life

Disaster survival and preparedness are becoming more important every day. But most people do not feel any pressure.

Ready With Bad Quality Supplies

FEMA estimates that 42% of Americans without a contingency plan. They also estimated that 37% live without emergency assistance. Now here's the kicker. FEMA in 2010 stated 81 disasters in the United States. In this article you can find the best details about premade disaster survival kits, bca protein assay kit.

How It Premade Disaster Survival Kits Can Endanger Your Life

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Cheap Survival Kit = A Danger To Your Life

It's an emergency survival kit to lull people into believing that they are ready. See, you do not live in a TV show. Good grief, it's a disaster situation. You will be in a hostile environment.

Danger # 1: Not Enough Essentials

Let's start with the food. The food in the kit is not enough to keep even one person to eat or hydrated for one day. Caloric intake and storage of food in the kit is very important. The average person needs about 2,500 calories per day.

Danger # 2: low prices Created Content

Some survival kit has a small radio that looks more like a toy. Others may include multi-tool. Either way, this is always the cheapest. I've heard of people who already have tools such as wire cutters mess at their first use.

Danger # 3: Do you get what you ordered?

There is a reason why it's made an emergency home kit that is not worth their salt. They also have the wrong contents, or order goods even non-existent. Some people have found their kit with water and food. But the blanket of life that should be in the kit was not there.