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How Historical Apologetics Aides in a Better Understanding of the Bible?

The authenticity of historical events in the Bible is very important for the survival of the Christian faith. However, many people have devoted their lives to defend the historicity of the Bible and therefore, many disciplines have developed in the Seminary and College just for this. One aspect of the study of the history of the Christian faith is the Historical Apologetics which contain the following: 

Biblical Archeology: Archeology is the scientific study of how people lived a long time based on artifacts found. Archeology has developed and become an important subject in the 20th century. Today Biblical Archeology is an important aspect of General Archeology as scholars realized the importance of Biblical history. One of the reasons this is important because the history of secular critics used to try and discredit the Bible.

Dating Techniques: Dating techniques deal with finding the exact age of archaeological finds. Several techniques are used in the determination of the age such as Historical Dating; Dating comparative and Scientific Dating. Dating techniques have been very helpful in verifying the historical accuracy of the Bible. To get more information regarding the bible timeline, you may visit

Using the Bible against LGBTQ+ people is an abuse of scripture

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Study of Linguistics: The Bible was written primarily in Hebrew and Greek and some Aramaic. The language spoken in biblical times is no longer used. Therefore, to study linguistics it becomes necessary to understand this language. Linguistic studies have also helped in understanding the different cultures and customs in biblical times, evaluating the accuracy and authenticity of ancient texts and identifying errors that might occur when copying.

Manuscript: What makes the Bible different from other historical books is the fact that thousands of ancient manuscripts have been found to verify its authenticity. No other book in the world can testify to the type of evidence.