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Mobile Broadband For Laptops & Desktops

Mobile broadband is very much in demand for various reasons. The sale of mobile phones is increasing by leaps and bounds and statistics reveal that the number of mobile phones selling in Ireland exceeds the sale of fixed land line phones. Apart from the mobile phone users there are laptop computer users who make use of mobile broadband connections.

People who use laptops and other variants of mobile computers are also increasing every year. Apart from the above two categories there is a third group who want to opt for mobile broadband deals in Ireland. There are many among desktop users who prefer mobile broadband.

Such computer users do not want to avail fixed line broadband connections as they use internet facility sparingly and for that reason do not want to incur installation charges as well as fixed monthly subscriptions.

The principle behind the mobile broadband is that the internet access will be availed without telephone or fibre optic cables. The High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is a service that makes internet access possible without fixed phone line or power.

A modem will connect the internet to the computer through the USB port. This type of modem is often referred to as dongle. Dongles are generally compatible with desktop computers also. Mobile broadband needs USB dongle, USB stick and mobile data card to get connected to laptops etc.

Dongles are portable and convenient for users who are on move and want to have access to internet while working with different mobile or fixed devices. Dongles are available in open markets, but to ensure speed and reliability of the service it is better to purchase them through broadband service providers.