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Medical Balloons May Aid Weight Loss

Over the past 30 years, there have been a variety of surgical options to combat weight gain, including gastric bypass. But despite the medical guidelines imposed in recent years that require all beauty centers to have qualified staff and the type of equipment used for weight loss surgery, they are still life-threatening.

However, that could soon change if Re Shapes' double-balloon design is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Read on to learn more about medical balloon checking.

medical balloon testing

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Designed to assist weight loss workers who are on either side of the cosmetic procedure guideline required for gastric bypass and band placement, or who are under 18 years of age; The double-balloon mechanism can easily accommodate this excluded group of people.

Currently, this dual balloon device is placed in the patient's throat using an attached tube and then filled with saline. After the two balloons were filled, the patient immediately felt fuller and was able to reduce food intake and lose weight.

Is it safe?

The device can help thousands of dieters who are too young to have gastric bypass surgery or who have heart disease, diabetes, and muscle problems to lose weight, but this double bladder procedure has some distance before it can be recognized as a medical device.