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Learning The Basics Of Bowling

While baseball is everybody's favorite pastime, bowling can be enjoyed by all. You can still have a lot of fun bowling, regardless of your fitness level or sports ability.

Although the game is difficult and can be very enjoyable, its greatest benefit is the social aspect. You can book the bowling alley to play bowling via

Although some people prefer to practice alone, it is more enjoyable to play with a group of people. Bowling leagues are very popular with all ages. Let's face the facts, you can drink beer during any other sport.

There are some basics you need to know about bowling, or Ten Pin Bowling if you've never heard of it. A bowling alley has lanes and is where you play bowling. The lane measures approximately 60 feet in length and 42 inches in width.

There are ten pins at each end. The pins are in an equilateral triangle. The back row has four pins and the next row has three. The next row has two pins and the next row has two. The last row (also known as the headpin), has one pin at the center.

The objective of the game is for you to get as many pins down as possible. There are ten frames in a game. You have two chances to knock all the pins down. A strike is when you knock down all the pins on your first shot. A spare is when they are all gone by the end of the second shot.

A bowling ball can weigh anywhere from six to sixteen pounds depending on your strength. A heavier ball is more efficient because it hits the pins faster and has greater force. This makes it easier to knock them down.