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Know About Places to Visit in Malaysia

We all have excitement for travel at some point of time, sometimes for rejuvenation and sometimes for refreshment, away from the monotonous and hectic lifestyle. To guide you better we have choose Malaysia, one of the friendliest travel destinations for your gang. Some popular places to visit in Malaysia are:

Redang Island: Redang is a small island group settled in protected marine waters, also dubbed as the Terengganu Marine Park on the eastern side of Peninsular Malaysia. The Island has crystal clear water and countless dive sites for water sports fanatics. IF you want to go to malaysia then you need the help of visa agent. You can check out Malaysia e visa at

bukit bintang

The waters here are filthy rich marine life and visitors can see the brilliant colors of coral, fish and other aquatic life etc. when sunlight penetrates though the sea. Fishing and coral collection is strictly prohibited.

Tioman island: Tioman Island is a small island also called Pulau Tioman. The beauty of the island is that it is not so very popular that makes it more interesting because it is less crowded for most of the month.

To your surprise, Tioman Island is duty free, some items are much cheaper compared with other mainland mainly alcohol. Overall the island offers you a natural, wonders, rich coral reefs and a quiet atmosphere.