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Know About Part Time Jobs in Malaysia

With the rising cost of living in Malaysia, many individuals choose part time employment. Part time jobs offer many the comfort of working for shorter, flexible hours, which adds to the convenience of those with prior commitments and an inability to employ in full time jobs.

Many students, retirees, and working individuals choose part time jobs in Malaysia to make an extra income towards auxiliary expenditures. Also, individuals juggling hobbies, family commitments and businesses also lean towards part time jobs to help pay bills and make savings. If you want to avail the part time jobs in Malaysia then you need Malaysian visa.

Here are a few part time jobs in Malaysia that one can avail:

1. Data Entry Jobs: One of the easiest and most popular part time job opportunities for job seekers is data entry jobs. This task can be done from home or in a workplace depending upon employer's preference.


All one requires is a computer and knowledge of Microsoft office tools. However, data entry jobs require an individual with immaculate precision and dedication to avoid errors by checking and rechecking entries.

2. Retail: Working in retail is also a well-paying part time job. Depending upon the applicant's prior education or experience, one can employ in technical store, clothes, shoes or books, whatever outlet caters to one's taste. Many retail jobs provide employees with added bonus, employee discounts and sales commissions which may just make paying bill a whole lot of fun.