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Information on Hi-Vis Jacket

Hi-Vis clothing can include hats, jackets, bags, vests, warmers, wetsuits, or belts. They are usually made of polyester and reflective strips are crisscrossed or patterned to accentuate the body shape and identify the wearer as a human. 

Hi-Vis clothing is usually available in neon orange, green, or yellow with black, white, or gray reflective stripes. In fact, some of them have even reached the pinnacle of the fashion world because they can be very attractive when you want to stand out from the crowd!

Some of the high visibility work jacket options available are:

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Sleeveless Vest: This type of high visibility jacket is easy and quick to put on with a simple Velcro closure. They are made of polyester, suitable for all weather conditions, and can be worn over normal facial clothes. They can also be zipped up and have pockets for cell phones, flashlights, documents, or other special gear.

Heater and Hood: Ideal in cold or rainy weather as it protects your casual clothes while also serving as a privacy screen. This could be a two-tone two-tone body warmer, or a heavier fleece jacket to wear in place of your regular warm jacket outdoors. They also have a hood attachment with drawstring, pockets and sleeves and a belt with an elastic band.

Bomber jackets: are high quality jackets that are ideal for adverse weather conditions such as storms or blizzards. They are lined with fleece, have multiple internal and external pockets, a solid or quilted hood, and a front zip closure for added protection. The large outer pocket is equipped with buttons.