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How To Find A Good Public Adjuster

The only type of adjuster that can represent an insured person in a property dispute is the Public Insurance Adjuster. This licensure is required by more than 43 states.

An experienced public adjuster can act as your advocate, helping you navigate the insurance maze and collect all the amounts due under your policy. You can also get more information about public adjuster solution through various online sources.


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There are three steps you must take before you get paid. They are valuing the loss and presenting it to your insurer. Because insurance policies can be complicated and conditional, payment for a loss is not always automatic.

Public adjusters can help to determine the coverages and the causes of loss, in order for the carrier to make an offer or deny it.

Fire victims are often bombarded with offers and inquiries from general contractors, public adjusters, and other people offering assistance after a disaster.

Callers were often asked if they had experience with claims. However, they need a license to sell clients. That meant that the new licensee would call disaster victims to try to sell them services from a PA firm. The salesperson would be paid a percentage of any insurance recovered by making that sale.

Before you hire a public adjuster, find out the position of your insurance company. You are required to assist in the settlement of your claim if you are an insured. You may be able to resolve your claim without paying a percentage to an attorney or public adjuster.